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AACD 2011 Mobile App Lets Cosmetic Dentists Run Wild in Boston

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Check out the 2011 AACD Mobile App

The U. S. mobile audience increased 20% in 2010, with an even greater expansion expected in 2011 as mobile usage becomes increasingly embedded in our daily lives [1]. As the Rosemont Media dental marketing team prepares for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific meeting in Boston, we’re taking advantage of the new 2011 AACD mobile app.

cosmetic, dentistry, mobile, marketing, Boston, AACD

2011 AACD Mobile App Preview

The AACD app provides general information on the 2011 meeting, a course list organized by day, an exhibitor and speaker list, and a search function allowing users to find speakers by name. The app also allows mobile users to access a personalized itinerary for the Boston conference.

So go ahead, download the 2011 AACD mobile app and let your phone do the work at this year’s Scientific Meeting in Boston.

boston, cosmetic, dentistry, marketing, mobile, app

Main Menu 2011 AACD Mobile App

Easy to See Why AACD Joins Mobile Market

If you’re still on the fence, check out our post about how mobile will affect cosmetic dentistry, then read through the following stats from eMarketer [2]. If you’re still not convinced, visit the Rosemont Media Facebook page and tell us how we can help.

• 31% of mobile users, or 72.5 million people own a smartphone
• That number is expected to reach 43% by 2015
• As of October 2010, 69% of smartphone owners had downloaded an app
• By 2015, mobile users will have downloaded an estimated 25 billion apps

[1] comScore, Inc. The comScore 2010 Mobile Year in Review. Retrieved on 5/12/2011 from
[2] eMarketer. How Mainstream Are Mobile Apps? Retrieved on 5/12/2011 from

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