Cosmetic Dentists: Manage Your Social Media Community Part 1

Engagement is the Name of the Game

To develop a quality social media presence filled with users that contribute to your cosmetic dentistry online community, you must provide consistent and engaging content. At Rosemont Media, we’ve seen a trend developing online as a surge of outsourcing companies promise successful social media campaigns without the need for engagement on your behalf. However, we strongly believe the only way to build a successful social media presence is through open and personalized communication that targets your current and potential patients.

Developing Social Media Communities Takes Time

Your cosmetic dentistry practice, like Rome, was not built in a day. Social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are no different. Not many patients are walking into your office before talking to a friend or speaking with your staff; online, people act the same way. If you think about your website and social media community as an online version of your physical practice, you’ve already taken the first step. Engage with your online audience as you would during an office visit, and then we’ll talk social media marketing.

The Time for Social Media is Now

The State of the Blogosphere is a study conducted by Technorati each year concerning the state of the blogging world, developing trends, and the future of blogs in general. According to the study, the most common thing that influences topics bloggers write about is conversations with friends. However, other blogs and social media communities they follow greatly influence topics as well.

What does this mean for your practice? To put it directly, you must publish or perish: social media is not a fad and will not take a long walk off a short pier. As you consider implementing a practice blog and making a serious commitment to social media, use the following 5 steps to get started, then check back into the Rosemont Review for the continuing series on How to Manage Your Cosmetic Dentistry Social Media Community.

5 Steps to Help Manage Cosmetic Dentistry Blog

ONE: Designate a Community Manager

Consistency is key. Designate someone in-house to post regularly to your cosmetic dentistry blog.

TWO: Develop an Editorial Calendar

Plan posts based around annual events occurring within your practice and the cosmetic dentistry industry.

THREE: Post. Listen. Respond. Repeat

Follow the chatter surrounding each post. Listen to your community and respond to their input.

FOUR: Educate First, Promote Sparingly

View your blog as a resource for patients and provide useful information. Doing so inherently promotes your practice and expertise.

FIVE: Inspire and Be Inspired

In need of motivation? Turn to your audience for inspiration: think useful resources, guest posts, and hot topics.

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