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Effectively Marketing your Dental Practice with Internet Video – Part 1: Production

We all know that the use of video in advertising has been an effective means to market a product, service or business as indicated by the billions of dollars advertisers spend on television advertising each year. With online video gaining popularity, many small business owners are wondering if this medium offers a similar value proposition. The short answer is yes, but like any marketing campaign, the video must be produced and implemented properly. While there are numerous elements that go into a quality video production, we will cover 2 aspects in part 1 of our Internet Video blog.

  1. Create a Story– Unlike television that only allows for 30 seconds to convey your message, online videos have no time limit. Rather than talk about the smile enhancement procedures you offer, consider following a patient through every step of the smile makeover process so the consumer can see first hand what is involved with the procedure.
  2. Find a Star – A good candidate with a great personality will make a lasting impression and has the potential to add a viral element to your video. More viewers will generally add to a higher lever of website lead conversion.

Check back again soon for Part 2: Video Players.

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