3 Considerations For Purchasing a Plastic Surgery Directory Listing

Internet Marketing Fact: There is no shortage of online directories for plastics surgeons to consider. For many surgeons, the mere thought of listening to another directory sales pitch makes them cringe. In some cases it is because of bad experience in the past while others simply don’t feel confident about making an informed decision. If this sounds like you, then you really need to re-consider your position. Now I am not saying that all directories are worthwhile and they certainly are not all created equal. The key however is knowing how to find the right to one(s) for your practice. Here are my top 3 things considerations when renewing or participating in a plastic surgery directory.

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When purchasing placement in a directory do not buy on emotion or fear of loss. There is not a shortage of directories!!! Buy based on the value proposition and as means to gain more market share under competitive search terms.

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