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2015 Valentine’s Day Poem

valentines day 2015 img

Roses are red;
Violets are blue.
If your website’s gone stale,
What should you do?

A new homepage design,
May be right up your alley;
One that’s fresh and unique,
And made here in Cali.

There’s a trio of options
That I’ll share with you today.
Each one can be helpful,
Enticing visitors to stay.

The look of parallax scrolling
Is becoming quite the rage.
Watch graphics move at separate rates
While scrolling up and down the page.

If that seems too much motion,
Fixed position background might do.
While the image in the foreground moves,
the backdrop pic stays true.

Should that pique your interest,
We can do you one more;
A fixed video background
Is what you should explore.

As a silent film plays on loop,
The foreground boasts cosmetics.
To view one of our examples,
Please check out Pure Aesthetics.

The most important thing to remember
Is how vital your website can be.
When unfamiliar with your practice,
It’s the first thing patients see.

If you feel your site needs updating,
Rosemont Media is here to assist.
We’ll collaborate on how best to get you
To the top of Google’s list.

As my rhymes run thin,
I’ve one more thing to say:
From our company to yours,
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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