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Happy 15th Anniversary, Rosemont Media!

Rosemont Media celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2023

It’s official! Today, Rosemont Media has reached the remarkable milestone of 15 years in business! We are so incredibly proud to have worked with some of the world’s greatest surgeons and dentists since our inception in 2008. In our humble beginnings with only three employees, we ventured into the healthcare marketing industry with one goal: to provide high-quality, ethical, and effective marketing solutions to elective healthcare professionals. Today, our goal remains the same, but our team and client base have grown substantially! We are truly grateful to all of our dedicated customers, as well as our tremendously talented team of designers, developers, social media strategists, project managers, consultants, SEO experts, and writers.

Anyone who has interacted with our staff knows that in addition to providing top-notch digital marketing products and unparallelled customer support, the Rosemont family likes to have a lot of fun. Looking back on the past 15 years, we decided to share some of our favorite memories:

“The first year I was at RM, we all went on a fishing trip, which was an annual tradition back then. Numerous fish were caught and lots of fun was had!”Katie Nagel, Senior Content & SEO Strategist

“One Halloween, a staff member dressed as me — a Hawaiian shirt, fake beard, etc. Everyone had a good laugh about it.”Joel Spydell, Senior Consultant

“I think one of my favorite RM moments was on April Fool’s one year — we came into the office and found googly eyes on almost everything in the kitchen! It was hilarious and confusing. Everyone knew it had to be someone on the writing team, since we typically would arrive before everyone else, but the culprit was someone no one expected: Katie!”Cassie Fowler, Content Marketing Project Manager

“Etch at any trade show is a great time. So is the aftermath the next day 😉Megan Hunter, Senior Account Executive & Team Trainer

“The 2021 Virtual Halloween party was definitely one of my favorite moments. There were so many unique costumes, lots of laughs, and even virtual bingo based on RM inside jokes. It was a blast! I’ll never forget it.”Kristin Bussard, Social Media Strategist – Team Lead

“I enjoyed the creativity of themes/backgrounds during our early-pandemic team meetings on Zoom, when we all clearly needed some human interaction and camaraderie!”Erin Rea, Creative Director

“RM’s Specials days to keep the company camaraderie and laughter. From Keith sharing fish he’s caught, to making us pancakes on the grill outside the office, favorite cereals & candy day, and company parties on the beach. Oh and let’s not forget the costume contests, Cassie’s costumes are the best. RM is a hard-working group of individuals but we always know how to have fun. Happy Anniversary, RM!”Victoria Stanley, Development Project Manager

“It’s so hard to pick just one moment over the last 15 years, so I will pick one category: trade shows. It’s always been such a great experience to spend time with our clients and RM team members over the years.”Keith Humes, CEO

Cheers to 15 years! We look forward to continuing to provide the best possible service to our amazing customers by remaining ahead of the curve as industry leaders — and we’ll be sure to have fun while doing it! 🎉

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