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How Important is a Mobile Practice Website?

mobile, marketing, dental, medical, website, design, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistryWith the advent of the smartphone, consumers are flocking to the mobile internet at an unprecedented rate. Smartphones provide many advantages over the PC or laptop. Not only are they a fraction of the price, but smartphones are portable and allow the user instant access to email, social networks, and search engines. But the question for aesthetic healthcare practices remains: How important is it to have a mobile website?

Mobile Traffic to Aesthetic Healthcare Sites Increasing

Currently, the average amount of mobile traffic to our clients’ websites falls between 15-50%. The range fluctuates depending on the client’s location and target audience. However, one commonality exists with each client: the percentage of mobile traffic is growing at a staggering rate. Since Christmas in fact, many of our clients have seen a 10-20% increase in mobile traffic.

So let’s conservatively assume 25% of the traffic to your website is coming from a mobile device, and users are accessing information about your practice for a host of reasons: patients need your phone number or need directions to your office again, potential patients want to see before and after photos, your online community wants to share your site in their social network. Have you considered their user experience?

When asking yourself about the importance of a mobile site, you must first consider this experience and navigate through your website on your own smartphone. How easily can you call your practice? Get driving directions? View your gallery and navigate through the site? Is the page easily readable?

Mobile User Frustration and Bounce Rate Top Concerns

Mobile screens are much smaller and require a user “pinch” and “pan” to navigate through the full version of your website. Users become frustrated because they cannot read text easily and a simple task like locating your office becomes a chore. Furthermore, the bounce rate (visitors spending less than 30 seconds on your website) associated with mobile users on a normal website is alarmingly high.

If 25% of the traffic coming to your website was leaving within 30 seconds, wouldn’t you want to change that?

Give Your Mobile Patients Reasons to Stay

Mobile websites provide a seamless, easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate, shareable experience.

A quality mobile user experience will set you apart from your competition so you can capitalize on all those bounces from their sites.

Show off gallery photos, your passion for cosmetic enhancement, and cutting-edge website design no matter the device your visitors use.

The mobile audience is out there searching for your practice, is there a reason not to have a mobile website? Meet them halfway and turn mobile patients into loyal ones.

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