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Facebook Contests Grow Your Practice Social Community | WEBINAR

The next installment of our social media webinar series is scheduled for Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at 1 pm PST. The title of the webinar is “Facebook Contests: Growing and Engaging Your Fan Base.” Our resident social media specialist Sarah Dawber will cover the ins and outs of running a Facebook contest to inspire current fans to become more engaged, and reach out to those in your extended network that can benefit from joining your online community.

The Rosemont Review recently sat down with Sarah to get the inside scoop on why these webinars are important to our clients, and what exactly will be covered in the webinar two weeks from today.

Rosemont Review: Why is this webinar important to our clients? To you?

Sarah Dawber: Engaging with your social media audience is the key to having success with these platforms, but engagement can be difficult for a plastic surgery or dental practice as you are tasked with making your services fun and interactive. Contests are an excellent tool to not only activate your audience, but simultaneously increase your fan base.

RR: Can you describe the webinar in 50 words or less?

SD: In this webinar, we will provide our clients with real time examples of contests and case studies. We will also dig into Facebook’s Insight tool to gain a better understanding of your social audience.

RR: What makes this webinar more advanced than those we’ve done in the past?

SD: As the social media platforms continue to change, so does your approach. Facebook is converting business pages to their new “Timeline” layout. This new layout has moved the location of your tabs, promotions etc. Additionally, there are new options to increase the virality of your contest.

RR: Why is fan engagement and growing our Facebook fan base so important to the success of our clients’ practices?

SD: Social Media is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is only gaining strength and momentum. Social Media is our client’s conduit to growing their word of mouth referral base. All of our clients would agree that a word of mouth referral is the strongest and most likely to convert into a new patient. Increasing the number of happy patients in your fan base will only increase your brand awareness and drive more business to your practice.

RR: What can attendees expect to walk away with?

SD: Insight and ideas to activate your audience and immediately begin increasing your fan base.

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