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Mobile Marketing Mondays: Google Tells Advertisers to Make Nice

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Mobile Optimization and Website Design Increases Ad Effectiveness

Google has given the mobile website marketing world another incentive to make their ads more user-friendly. In an attempt to improve the quality of mobile ads, the search engine giant has announced that mobile optimization will now be included in their “ad quality” ranking, which determines what ads are shown and when.

Mobile Optimization and Website Design a Must

In an article posted to Adweek, “Google Pushing Advertisers to Build for Mobile,” the head of Google’s mobile search ads team, Surojit Chatterjee says the advertisers with mobile-friendly sites will be able to “drive more traffic at a slightly lower cost.”

A main contributing factor to the decision to include mobile optimization in the ranking factor on mobile devices comes from a study Chatterjee sites, which found that 61% of users would not return to a site if it didn’t perform well on their mobile phone. With the approaching holiday season, he says this statistic has never been more relevant or important as heavy mobile search traffic is expected: “[Google] is projecting that 15% of all Black Friday searches will be mobile.”

Mobile Website Action Steps for Aesthetic Healthcare Practices

Whether you believe Google is including mobile optimization and ranking factors in their organic search results or not (a fact the search giant has not been clear about), the increase in mobile and smartphone usage alone should provide enough incentive to justify the need for a mobile version of your aesthetic healthcare practice website.

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