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Develop an Online Reputation Management Strategy

During the month of October, the Rosemont Review focused on online patient reviews and how they can impact the aesthetic healthcare practice. This month, we will continue the month-long focus on a topic of particular interest to our audience: online reputation management.

Online Reputation Management: Definition and Potential Impact

Online reputation management is the process of monitoring the internet reputation of a person, brand, or business. While many strategies focus on suppressing the negative sentiment, we believe developing a proactive strategy to manage our clients’ reputations online is a more effective solution. Regardless of the approach, the goal remains the same: promote positive search results to decrease the visibility of the inevitable negative reviews.

Your Patients are Talking, Are You Listening?

Previously on the Rosemont Review, we discussed the different approaches to online reputation management. One thing is certain, your patients are online researching and talking about your practice. In this post, we outline two ways in particular doctors are attempting to manage their own professional reputation and that of their practice. The bottom line is the potential impact of virtual word-of-mouth is tremendous, so maintaining a comprehensive strategy is essential.

Here are several key questions to keep in mind as you consider the need for reputation management.

Four Ways Online Reputation Management Affects Your Practice

Tune into the Rosemont Review later today as we define four important areas affected by your online reputation. If you have questions now, visit the Rosemont Media Facebook page, or contact our marketing consultants.

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