Mobile Marketing Mondays – How Patients Use Their Phones [CHART]

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How Potential Patients Use their SmartPhones

How Are Your Patients Using their Smartphones

A recent survey conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights shows just how important smartphones are to a majority of users. Nearly 53% of participants say their mobile devices are essential to their everyday lives, as they use it to perform all possible functions the phone allows.

Common activities include surfing the internet to shop, conducting on-the-go research, reading customer or patient reviews, and mapping out specific locations. One of the most surprising statistics was the number of survey participants using their mobile devices to make a purchase, which came in at 50%.

How Active are your Patients on their Mobile Devices?

Have you tried to access your website on your mobile device recently? While most sites should function properly, there are several key components mobile website design addresses to ensure your patients experience the virtual representation of your practice as they should.

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Study source: Prosper Mobile Insights Smartphone Survey, May-11

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