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Mobile Marketing Mondays: Users Prefer Mobile Web for Search

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Your Patients Prefer Mobile Websites to Mobile Apps

While the “mobile website mobile app” debate rages on, one thing is clear: mobile users prefer mobile websites when performing searches online.

As Fred Cavazza explains in “Mobile Web App vs. Mobile Website: It’s Complicated,” the most important factor in determining whether users prefer an app or a website is figuring out what your audience wants.

As Cavazzo explains, knowing more about both user preference and expectations can give you a leg up on the competition. Knowing a majority of users prefer to conduct searches from their mobile devices on a mobile browser provides important insight into those preferences.

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With more than 15% of our clients’ overall website traffic coming from mobile devices, the quality of the user experience is extremely important. Paying attention to details such as compatibility and user-friendly navigation is essential now with mobile websites as it has always been with the full version of your site.

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