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Mobile User Tough to Ignore in 2011

As Americans continue to shift their internet usage into the realm of wireless, the laptop, and certainly the television have become cumbersome. Similar to the reasons behind the decline in the use of Flash in 2011, mobile users want their information immediately; the laptop and TV are simply too bulky and do not lend themselves well to the active lifestyle of users on-the-go.

Mobile Users Live the Good (Digital) Life

According to statistics from Pew Research, 59% of Americans access the internet through wireless means. On the average day, one-fifth of Americans are accessing the internet on a mobile device. Pew Research also found that mobile internet users are notably more active and deeply involved in their digital lives.

Mobile Users Spend 25% of Day Browsing Web

According to comScore, 234 million Americans use mobile devices, with 61.5 million using smartphones to spend more than 4.5 hours browsing the mobile web. Assuming the average American sleeps for 8 hours, that’s more than 25% of the average mobile user’s day, and that figure doesn’t even include the time spent accessing online information through other sources.

$3 billion in Mobile Ad Spend by 2014

Still not convinced mobile users will play an important role in your practice’s online success? Would $3 billion in mobile ad spend change your mind? In an article titled “Will Search Drive Mobile Ad Spend,” Michael Boland of cited BIA/Kelsey’s annual mobile forecast, which predicts mobile ad revenues in the U.S. will grow from $490 million in 2009, to $2.9 billion in 2014.

As the mobile web becomes increasingly functional and user-friendly, search volume will also increase. As we highlighted above, mobile users tend to be more active than your average user. So the question remains: can you afford to ignore an audience comprised of your future patients and biggest supporters?

Mobile Users Require Quality Medical and Dental Website Design

Is your website compatible with the most popular mobile web browsers? Have more questions concerning the Rosemont Review 2011 Predictions, medical or dental website design, or aesthetic healthcare search engine marketing in general? Contact Rosemont Media today to ensure you meet your online goals for 2011.

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