Rosemont Review Chart of the Week: The Unique Visitor

A unique visitor is an important statistic concerning website traffic and the popularity of a particular site. Basically, a unique visitor is someone who is visiting your website for the first time. This common measurement is determined through the use of a cookie, which allows the website to identify when a person returns to the website over a given period of time.

The Importance of the Unique Visitor

By eliminating repeat visits, the unique visitor measurement allows the site’s owner to determine the true size of their audience, their overall reach.

This week’s chart comes from Business Insider, and concerns how much revenue a Unique Visitor creates for some top Tech companies.

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Value of a Unique User for the Aesthetic Healthcare Practice

Unique Visitors for Google vs. Facebook

As you’ll notice, Google generates 6 times more revenue than Facebook for each unique visitor. While this is important to note, especially as Google’s staying power is in doubt, remember that Facebook is only just beginning to cash in on the Like button, and fulfill the potential of their expansive reach.

Connect with the Unique Visitor Today

How can you begin connecting with the unique visitor? Whether you plan to connect with your patients through aesthetic healthcare search engine marketing and your website, or social media optimization (SMO) on social networks such as Facebook, or both, start thinking about the unique visitor as a potential patient, and imagine their initial consultation. Translating this in-office experience to your website or social media page will forge a lasting relationship from their initial experience with your practice.

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