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3 Tips to Help You Reach Your Patients Better Through Email

How to Be Relevant, Engaging, and Personalized (without being annoying…)

It’s a fact of modern life: no matter how many email addresses you may have or how new they are, somehow inboxes seem to fill up with spam faster than garage closets and attics collect dusty odds and ends. In reality, sifting through the junk can become such a periodic chore that some of us dazedly click through the motions so often that we retain little of the information we come across. As business owners, our goal is to make the diamonds stand out from the rough, so that patients can find the news and deals relevant to them. So how do we do that? How can you grab the attention of your patients and keep them interested, not apathetic? Here are a few tangible tips for creating a more diverse and compelling email campaign that will engage active subscribers and reconnect with lost contacts:

1. Speak to Individuals

2. Ask, Don’t Tell

3. Spice It Up

Final Notes

In short, email marketing should be an extension of what you already do best: provide patients with high-quality, personalized care that can help improve their lives. While it is no easy task, creating a unique and compelling set of emails that targets patients’ individual needs will pay dividends in the future for branding your practice name as well as fostering patient loyalty and satisfaction.

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