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Google Radically Overhauls Local Search, Blends Places and Organic Listings

Google Blending Places Listings and Organic Results

On the heels of Instant Search, Google is rolling out another significant change to search queries and how the results are displayed. Organic search results are now being blended with results from Google Maps, Google Places tags, business reviews, and sponsored links, to consolidate all results into one place on the page. While the permanency of these changes is up for debate, the need for savvy, dynamic search engine optimization has never been more apparent.

Appearance of Search Results Changes

In addition to the algorithmic changes Google has made behind the scenes, several aesthetic changes have been made as well. First, the appearance of the organic results has been altered to incorporate a range of information related to that listing. If conducting a search for a specific business or location in a particular geographic area, the results now include red pushpins that correlate with their location on the Google Map image on the right hand side. As users scroll up and down the page, the map tracks up and down as well.

Google's Blended Search Results Screen Capture

The screen capture above for one of our clients was taken following an organic search. Notice all of the details discussed above have been combined into a single result.

Google’s Official Word

According to the Official Google Blog, this is “a new kind of local search result that organizes the world’s information around places.” With these changes, Google says they hope to streamline user experience by allowing them to make comparisons and quicker decisions, thus allowing them to spend less time searching and more time doing.

What does this mean for Aesthetic Search Engine Marketing?

With this radical change to organic search results, the Google Places page becomes ever more relevant to the success of your practice’s website. The ability to provide a comprehensive overview of your practice on the initial search page will ensure your current and potential patients find what they’re looking for on the first attempt.

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