Longer Key Word Searches Says the Average Internet Consumer is More Savvy

People typing longer search terms on the web can give you more opportunities to boost the number of visitors to your website, and a new study by Hitwise shows that longer search terms are becoming more and more popular. Matt McGee with searchengineland.com reports that the study indicates a sharp uptick in the number of search requests that are composed of three words or more. In fact, the data shows this trend in more than half of the search queries performed. More than a third of search requests were four words or more.
This kind of data is important because, as McGee indicates, it’s indicative of an increased sophistication among web users as to how they are using the top search engines. This can ultimately create more avenues for companies or individuals to develop content that incorporates longer search terms and enhances their search engine optimization strategies.
Another interesting finding in the study: while longer search terms are becoming more popular… shorter terms such as the one- and two-word variety, are experiencing a drop-off.
Something to think about when developing or re-developing your SEO!

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