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Video on a Budget

Everywhere you turn people are talking about video. Many clients often ask me if video truly is a good investment. Yes, video should be a key element of your internet strategy. The amount of video content “competing” online is far less than traditional websites, and videos show up on Google. Video helps people get to know you, your philosophy and why they should choose you for their needs. Simply put, there is big opportunity with video.

Video production projects range from a professional-looking video documentary that reflects you and your practice as state-of-the-art to a single introduction with no bells and whistles whatsoever. Either way, you don’t have to break the bank to create a video that engages and educates your website visitors, so don’t feel too constrained by a budget. If you are trying to keep expenses down, then you can use old video footage that you might have onhand, or you can hire a local company to film for a few hours. Editing is just as important as the footage you are using. Try to edit your videos with motion graphics, photographs, and music . Editing done right can tell a story about your practice and the procedures that you offer. Be creative, as long as your video is giving people an idea of who you are and what you do, then it will help them decide that you are the obvious choice.

Keep in mind that video can be one of the most powerful means to effectively deliver your message, but a bad video can do more harm than no video at all. Be selective when hiring a company to edit your video project. Ask to see examples of projects that they have done and ensure that they understand internet video. Most important: only add video to your internet strategy if you are proud of it. Remember… your patients are watching.

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