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New Year Marketing Resolutions

2009 has been dubbed the year of change, and there are lots of changes in store for Internet marketing….

We thought it would be nice to ring in the New Year with marketing tips you can utilize in 2009, as well as our predictions for the year ahead!

10 Marketing Tips for 2009

  1. Focus on your audience –  If you take time to think about what your website visitors are looking for and give it to them, your contacts will likely increase.
  2. Update your before and after photos
  3. Expand your website pages – Make sure that your content is up to date. You are the specialists, so take strides to ensure that your website’s content reflects the modern advances and techniques that you are using in your business.
  4. Develop an email marketing strategy
  5. Get involved in social media – Facebook, MySpace, etc.
  6. Pick up the video camera – Start filming candid video testimonials from patients in the office and post them on your site and on YouTube ( with patient consent of course).
  7. Acknowledge that patients are looking for their “New Year’s” resolutions, and author a blog or create a special that hits on this
  8. Create an editorial calendar for your blog so you can stay current
  9. Update any online patient forms
  10. Update physician and staff  bios – This is where you can really let visitors know what makes your people stand out from the rest. Awards you may have received, updated credentials, and recent publications are a good start.

Internet Marketing Predictions

It wouldn’t be a new year without prognostication. So here’s what Rosemont Media CEO Keith Humes foresees as some of the most important developments that may be coming to an internet near you:

  1. YouTube has changed it’s advertising platform, which means there will be a range of new opportunities for 2009. Keep an eye out.
  2. Google will maintain its online dominance in ’09; however, new search engine competition is brewing.
  3. TV and the Internet are on a collision course. These 2 mediums will become one – maybe not in 2009, but in the next 5 years.
  4. Mobile will become a staple of search marketing programs, with the iPhone leading the charge.

And there it is! Rosemont’s resolutions and predictions for 2009 – a year certain to continue the trend of an ever-evolving and constantly changing worldwide web. Have a great new year, and if you need a little assistance enhancing your internet marketing strategy, give us a shout and we’ll help you out!

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