Survey Says: Video will be Huge in 2009 for Internet Marketing

A new poll from PermissionTV cements what has been suspected for some time: internet video is changing the face of marketing, and 2009 will be a stark reflection of that.
Two-thirds of the 400 senior media and marketing executives surveyed say that video on the web will be the number-one focus of their budgets and marketing strategies this year. By Spring, more than half of the respondents say they plan to launch an internet video project.
The survey, reported by, also found that a large number of marketers say video will be not be as affected by potential budget cuts compared to other digital marketing techniques. 71 % of those surveyed say the primary value of online video is brand awareness, with lead generation coming in second.
eMarketer, a company devoted to analyzing internet trends, predicts internet video advertising will reach $4.6 billion dollars by 2013. That staggering number is compared with $587 million spent last year. The company also says it expects that, by 2012, 80% of people who use the internet will watch internet video ads.

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