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Top 5 Dental Marketing Strategies

When it comes to your dental practice’s website, there are multiple marketing tips, tricks, and strategies you can employ to increase site traffic and brand exposure. Having a strong online presence can also help you bring in new patients and retain existing ones. 

At Rosemont Media, our team has a vast array of knowledge and years of experience working with dental care providers. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest technologies, digital practices, and innovative website designs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top marketing strategies you can put into effect with guidance from our experts.

  1. Create and Update Your Branding with a Custom Website.  

Your website is the online face for your practice. It’s important to take the time to develop a custom dental website that accurately portrays and amplifies your brand. You want patients and prospective patients to easily navigate your site and obtain the relevant information they need. Additionally, this time is ideal to reevaluate the content and images on your website to ensure it is all current and remove content that is no longer applicable, such as outdated technology and procedures. Your website should be a resource for patients who are searching for procedural information that you offer at your dental practice. 

  1. Implement Strong SEO and Content Marketing.  

Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing are two key strategies when it comes to enhancing visibility and exposure. A custom dental SEO strategy and website development go hand in hand, helping website visitors searching for dental services connect with your site and your available treatments. Incorporating dental-specific content marketing allows you to showcase your expertise through engaging text and imagery. With blogs, videos, and infographics, you’re able to educate patients on your practice and specific dental procedures, as well as answer questions they may still have. It’s also important to keep your website content fresh and pair those efforts with social media posts. 

  1. Advertise on Instagram.  

Right now, Instagram is a valuable tool to promote consumer engagement and brand awareness. Organic social media posts only have a certain amount of visibility, so don’t be afraid to branch out into targeted social media ads for an even larger reach. Ads allow you more control and the ability to drive traffic back to your website. The dental social media marketing services we offer at Rosemont Media include setting up profiles, helping develop monthly calendars, and managing analytics. 

  1. Utilize Email Marketing.  

Email marketing is a cost-effective and underutilized strategy that allows you to nurture relationships with current patients. Through email blasts, you can share timely information about your practice, services, and the latest dental industry news. You can also draw in potential new patients and turn former ones into repeat customers. Our team at Rosemont Media can help you implement custom audience email marketing strategies and campaigns, alongside quality visuals and content. 

  1. Employ PPC/Paid Search Ads on Google and Bing.  

Google and Bing are the top search engines, and you should have a strong presence on both. A great way to diversify your digital marketing strategies is by employing targeted keyword advertising with pay-per-click (PPC) and paid search ads. When working alongside the Rosemont Media team, you’ll be able utilize our robust email and call tracking services to pinpoint your return on investment (ROI). 

Having a diversified digital marketing portfolio is key, and you don’t want to rely on just one strategy to do all of the online heavy lifting. Having a good website tracking system setup and tracking your leads’ sources are important aspects of digital marketing. It is usually not just one source that plays a role in converting a consumer into a qualified lead.Ultimately, it’s important to put your best digital foot forward when thinking about your practice’s website. Collaborating with a top-notch marketing agency on the best strategies can help contribute to the online success you’re looking for. If you would like to learn more about Rosemont Media and the services we offer, contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable and experienced consultants.

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