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The Importance of High-Quality Landing Pages

A landing page is kind of like a table of contents, offering viewers an easy portal into pages and topics belonging to a specific area of your website. While they may seem pretty basic website design elements, landing pages are actually much more than meets the eye. For one: they can provide a hotbed of search engine optimization value. For another: they make the entire experience more user-friendly for the viewer.

There are all kinds of ways pages such as these can be presented – some prefer lots of technological bells and whistles, while others like a more basic, streamlined approach. With that in mind, both of these landing pages serve essentially the same purpose, and the style of content and design is largely dependent on your preferences.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which high-quality landing pages can benefit both you and your website visitors:

Linking and SEO

Interlinking, also referred to as crosslinking, to other pages within your website is a critical element of dental and medical SEO. It’s always helpful when viewers look at more pages and stay for longer periods on the site; plus, they may see a procedure or topic they hadn’t considered or previously knew about and click through to find out if they may be interested. Not to mention the fact that it just makes it easier for viewers to find what they are looking for. Landing pages offer a great opportunity to include these important crosslinks.

Navigation Simplified

Now more than ever, keeping the attention of people who visit your site is no easy feat. According to statistics published by Forbes in 2023, a whopping 61 percent of users say that if they don’t find what they’re looking for within about five seconds, they’ll simply go to another site. Unfortunately, this gives doctors and dentists very little leeway in terms of visitor retention, so it’s essential to make navigating your site as easy as possible for potential patients. If your navigation menu has no sense of order or categorization, it’s likely visitors will not have the patience to sift through every item to find what they’re looking for. Landing pages provide an umbrella for the various services and treatments marketed on your website, allowing individuals to easily locate the information they’re seeking with just a few clicks. 

Ease of Access

In the past, it was common for multiple topics to be introduced and described on a single page. It’s now much better for visitors to your website (and better for SEO) to have multiple pages covering specific topics. The landing page groups the links for these pages together to provide the viewer with a streamlined experience and easy access to a variety of pages. If you have several pages devoted to comprehensive content on your site, you definitely want prospective patients to be able to find them quickly and conveniently. Landing pages are an excellent way to give viewers a more easily navigable virtual view of your practice. This is especially important in responsive website design for mobile devices.

Ease of Categorization

On the technical side of things, landing pages make it much easier to categorize and scale your website. You can expand your site by conveniently adding pages to sections and placing additional links onto the landing page for the specific section. With a landing page, your new page will have a clear destination and should be just as easy to find as your other pages. This is particularly beneficial for large websites covering many different topics and describing a wide variety of procedures – and since consistently adding content is an important factor in Content Marketing and SEO strategies, landing pages are often a big help.

Visual Elements

Landing pages allow you to provide viewers with a number of images, graphics, and other visual elements that help them navigate through your website and give them a clear idea of how certain procedures can benefit them. You want your website to give viewers an inviting, easily accessible path through your practice and what you offer. Beautiful and educational imagery on landing pages help to serve that goal, providing visitors with a glimpse of many topics and avenues of information.

These are just a few examples of why landing pages are so important to modern websites. With high-quality landing pages, you are helping your viewers obtain a more positive experience while giving yourself more tools to enhance your online profile!

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Editor’s note: The original version of this post was published on February 3, 2015.

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