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What Are Zero-Click Searches, and Will They Hurt Your Rankings?

Perhaps you’ve been hearing about “zero-click searches” lately. What exactly are they? Well, they’re precisely as they sound: searches that result in no clicks. This is a common occurrence with simple questions like, “When is the next full moon?” — Google takes the initiative and answers the question simply at the top of the results page, like this:

These simple answers often provide a sufficient amount of information, so the person conducting the search has no need to click through to a website for further details, hence “zero-click search.” The “people also ask” section in the results can also reduce the need to click through to a website. Google has continually improved these types of rich answers, which seems to have impacted the trend. Throughout the pandemic, these types of searches have steadily increased, and some studies suggest that approximately 65% of all searches on Google are now zero-click searches. These studies have also found that zero-click searches are more common on mobile devices, so as our communities slowly start to resume “in-person” social activities, it is likely we’ll see the trend continue.

Understandably, those of us who rely on these searches to drive website traffic are a bit concerned about this. Fortunately, it’s not all bad news.

Benefits of Zero-Click Searches

While you may be worried that the popularity of zero-click searches could have a negative impact on your business, fear not! Zero-click searches can still mean a boost in website traffic and/or new patients. For example:

Furthermore, as seen in the full moon example above, a rich answer may not always provide up-to-date information, meaning further search may still be needed. The increase in zero-click searches also shouldn’t deter you from continuing your SEO efforts — remember, only sites that rank well are selected for rich answers, so a strong SEO strategy is still crucial.

Rosemont Media Can Help

Not sure how to get your website featured in a rich answer? Worried that zero-click searches might hurt your business? We are here to help! Contact our knowledgeable team of consultants today to learn more about how you can use zero-click searches to your advantage.

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