Facebook Strikes Deal with Biggest Chinese Search Engine Baidu

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Facebook and Baidu Social Network Collaboration

baidu, facebook, social, network, news, rumors

Largest Chinese Search Engine and Facebook Collaborate

While facebook.com is blocked inside China like many other social sites, a new jointly owned social networking site involving Facebook and Baidu is in the works, according to Chinese press. Rumors about such a move have been circulating since 2007, but the new information is coming from credible sources according to social media news source Mashable.

However, Charlie White highlights marked differences between Facebook as we know it, and the new collaboration with Baidu in the article appearing on Mashable, “Is Facebook Moving to China?” Considering the country’s closed nature, the Chinese version of Facebook likely will not be connected to the rest of the social media community: “Don’t expect to friend anyone in China.”

As the momentum behind this rumor swirls within tweets and blog posts across the internet, questions remain regarding the possible success of a censored version of Facebook. While the value and attraction is clear–Baidu is valued at $50 billion–tight regulations could hamper widespread adoption of the joint venture.

Stay tuned to the Rosemont Review for updates on the Facebook Baidu deal, and how this deal can potentially affect your practice.

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