Rosemont Media in the News: Month-long Patient Review Series

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Rosemont Review Begins Month Long Patient Review Series

The Rosemont Review is the aesthetic healthcare search engine marketing blog of the modern online ad agency, Rosemont Media. Because online patient reviews are often a sensitive subject, CEO Keith Humes says he felt a month-long series would not only inspire some positive discourse, but also alleviate some of the anxiety surrounding this topic. One important fact he stresses is that an overwhelming majority or patient reviews, nearly 90%, are positive.

Rosemont Media is the online version of the traditional ad agency, specializing in medical and dental website design and aesthetic healthcare search engine marketing. The Rosemont Review is the firm’s blog and focuses on the promotion and management of the aesthetic healthcare practice’s website and online representation. CEO Keith Humes says one of the biggest areas of concern centers on the online patient review, which is why he has wanted to run a month-long series on the basics of reviews, and how to inspire patients to become practice advocates.

One fact Humes says is important to remember is that nearly 90% of patient reviews are positive in nature. [1] He adds that common misconceptions and increased anxiety were two main reasons he wanted to run an extended series on patient reviews. “A majority of practices get hung up on the negative, or the threat of negative reviews. However, we hope to remind the aesthetic healthcare practice that taking a proactive approach will inspire patients to spread word of their positive experiences, both online and off.”

Each month, Americans conduct more than 100 million health-related searches online, nearly 15% of which concern doctors and their backgrounds. [2] Without an online strategy in place, Humes says the biggest concern for practices shouldn’t be the possibility of negative reviews, but the need for a proactive approach to online reputation management: “Patient reviews are a valuable asset for practices because they provide an insider’s perspective for potential patients researching online, while further strengthening the relationships and loyalty with current patients. Without a solid commitment from the practice’s themselves, patients searching for information online are on their own, which can often prove to be a frustrating and less than fruitful experience.”

About Rosemont Media

Rosemont Media is the modern ad agency, focusing on a blend of custom website design and search engine marketing strategies for the aesthetic healthcare practices of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and more. The Rosemont Review recently completed a series of posts on the benefits of social media, and how to reach new patients with LinkedIn. Following the online patient review series, Humes says the Rosemont Review will focus on online reputation management in general, which is another important aspect of any comprehensive medical or dental marketing campaign.

Rosemont Media is located at 1010 Turquoise St. Ste 201, San Diego, CA 92109. The firm can be reached at (800) 491-8623, or found online at or

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