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Keith’s Corner: Common Online Patient Review Concerns

As part of our online patient review series, the Rosemont Review is introducing a new feature to our blog: Keith’s Corner. Here we’ll pick the brain of the Rosemont Media CEO and tap into his more than 13 years of search engine marketing experience.

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Q1: What is the most common question you get concerning online reviews?

Keith Humes: How do I delete a negative review.

Q2: What’s your best recommendation for dealing with this feeling of anxiety?

KH: I think everyone fears the chance of a negative review. We’ve always believed that at least one negative review amongst many reviews makes the positive reviews more genuine, more believable.

In fact, our belief was further confirmed by the study we posted on Facebook earlier concerning the positive effect of negative information. The most important thing to take away from this study is the need for a proactive approach to patient reviews.

Q3: Why is a proactive approach to online reviews so important?

KH: Cultivating positive reviews has just become something we all need to embrace and support. We simply cannot afford to be passive about online reviews any longer, as they continue to play a role in Google’s search engine ranking algorithm.

Q4: What is the first thing doctors can do to get started with online reviews?

KH: Perform a search on Google for something like “plastic surgeon in City X,” or “cosmetic dentistry City Y,” and take a look at the reviews of your competitors to get a gauge of what’s going on in your market.

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