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Rosemont Review Reveals Importance of Facebook Maintenance

Overwhelming Support for Maintaining your Practice’s Facebook Page
In the Rosemont Review, we have covered the overall importance of a diverse online presence and the need for social media optimization; however, after analyzing the data concerning the performance of several of our clients’ Facebook pages, the evidence is clear: quality conversation leads to effective patient interaction.

After surveying the overall performance of a range of client Facebook-based analytics over a 9 month period, we have highlighted the performance of two clients in particular from similar markets with similar budgets, which clearly demonstrates the need for Facebook maintenance.

Based on the following data, which client do you think participates in the conversation on their Facebook page?

Importance of Facebook Maintenance Impressions New Fans
Client #1 10,239,327 90
Client #2 14,293,327 998

When you see the numbers, the potential influence present in social media communities like Facebook is clear. When was the last time you checked into the conversation on your page?

If you’re committed to developing and maintaining your practice’s social media presence, but unsure of how to get started, check back next week when the Rosemont Review offers 5 easy steps to maintain your Facebook Page. Have a pressing question? Leave a comment on the Rosemont Media Facebook page; we’ll do our best to answer promptly and incorporate your questions into any follow-up posts.

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