Roses Are Red, Facebook Is Blue…

Roses are red,
Facebook is blue.
Speaking of Facebook—
How’s it working for you?

To excel on FB,
You must first understand
That social interaction
Is ruler of the land.

You might know about “likes,”
And maybe even “shares,”
But these are just two factors
About which Mark Z. cares.

In addition to this pair,
There are emoji-style “reactions,”
As well as “comments” and “mentions,”
Which all gain your page traction.

To strive for each engagement type
Is quite highly suggested.
And with Facebook’s latest news feed change,
This strategy can’t be bested.

Our social media experts
Are well-versed in tailoring plans
To capture the voice of your practice
While generating more and more fans.

With custom-made posts—
Some promoted and others for fun—
Our team can take your Facebook page
And make it second to none.

If you’re interested in SM marketing,
We’d love to have you on board.
Simply call or email today,
And we’ll work to strike an accord.

But before you go,
We’ve one last thing to say:
We hope you and yours
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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