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ASPS 2012 Recap with Keith Humes

The Rosemont Review sat down with our CEO Keith Humes, who recently returned from ASPS The Meeting in New Orleans to recap how the meeting went.

RR: What were your goals in going to ASPS?
KH: My purpose going to the ASPS meeting was to provide education about internet marketing by participating in three presentations to three groups: plastic surgeons, nurses, and plastic surgery assistants.

RR: Did you meet your goals?
KH: I did! Presentations are most successful when your audience is willing to listen and eager to expand their knowledge on the subject. At ASPS, all the audiences were attentive and ready to learn what they could do to improve digital marketing for their practices.

RR: What was one unexpected thing that happened?

KH: After working in the latest trends in digital marketing, it is surprising to go to a meeting and hear something inaccurate or outdated about your field. There is unfortunately, still a lot of misinformation going around regarding web marketing and I was glad to have the opportunity to clear up some misconceptions.

RR: You had 3 presentations that differed in content, setup, and audience – what were the similarities between them?
KH: All three audiences: plastic surgeons, nurses, and plastic surgery assistants had concerns about online reputation, specifically about patient reviews and patient review sites like Yelp. Increasingly, support staff are taking on marketing roles at their practices and they wanted to learn how they could contribute to the success of their practice.
There is a lot of area for growth in marketing practices online and also opportunities in mobile that many aesthetic practices haven’t explored yet.

RR: Was there a particular format of presentation you liked best?

KH: When speaking with the nurses of ASPSN, the speaking format was a “round table” discussion. The speakers sat at tables and the attendees rotated tables so they could ask questions of each presenter. I liked this format most because I was able to speak with my audience instead of “to” them which was more interactive. Because of the time limit for each session I had answer rapid-fire questions succinctly and in a short time frame which made it interesting.

RR: Would you present again next year?
KH: I would definitely speak again at ASPS if I am invited back. The ASPS Meeting 2013 is going to be hosted in our hometown of San Diego and I know it would be a fun event.

RR: We think so too, thank you Keith for your time.
KH: Thank you.

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