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Cosmetic Surgery Demand Demonstrates Need for Relevant Content

Nonsurgical Cosmetic Surgery Impervious to Recession

A study conducted by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery shows nearly 10 million surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic enhancement procedures were performed in the United States in 2009. The report also shows there was a 2% overall drop in the total number of cosmetic procedures performed from 2008-2009; upon further analysis, surgical procedures decreased by 17%, while nonsurgical procedures actually increased by almost 1%. Since 1997 in fact, there has been a 147% increase in the total number of cosmetic procedures performed: 50% overall in surgical procedures, and 231% in nonsurgical procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery Market to Double by 2017

According to a report released by iData Research, a pharmaceutical market research firm, the market for cosmetic surgery, facial aesthetics, and lasers is expected to double in size to more than $3 billion by 2017. As noted above, a large portion of this growth is due to the surging popularity of nonsurgical procedures like facial injectables and laser skin resurfacing, as well as the growing number of uses for these now common methods of cosmetic enhancement.

Ever-Evolving Cosmetic Surgery Market

As demand increases and new methods and treatments are introduced, the cosmetic surgery market evolves. Inherently coupled with the increase in demand and improved technology is the desire for pertinent information, especially if the individual conducting the research is considering cosmetic surgery. However, as the market changes, the information which is considered relevant and important also changes.

Give your Content a Facelift

With each procedure performed, each continuing education course or conference attended, each new procedure offered, your practice evolves as well, thus creating the need to update your practice profile. By updating the content on your website, you not only demonstrate your commitment to the field of plastic surgery, the safety of your patients, and their overall satisfaction, you also establish your practice as a resource for relevant information. As with any industry, if your patients view you as an expert in your field, they are more likely to return in the future.

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