Rosemont Review Reaffirms Need for Mobile Browser Compatibility

As Rosemont Review covered in the Common Browser Concerns post, as well as the supporting Browser Compatibility case study, mobile users are attracting an increasing amount of attention as online consumers. As the demand for virtual information trends toward mobile devices, the process of medical and dental website design must adapt as well.

8 in 10 Americans Own Multiple Mobile Devices

A recent report from Pew Research shows 85% of Americans own a cell phone, 52% own a laptop, and 47% own an MP3 player, with 78% of American adults owning two or more of these devices. With a growing desire for instant and continuous online access comes an increasing demand for ways to consume and interact with the limitless amount of information. How confident are you that potential mobile patients will be able to find and interact with your practice’s website?

Increasing Desire for Mobile Health Information

Of the 85% of Americans age 18 and older who own a cell phone, 4 in 10 use their phone to access the internet. Furthermore, 17% have use their phones to look up health or medical information, and 9% have apps to help them manage this information. Currently, there are nearly 300,000 apps available online, with more being added daily. As research is an integral portion of this growing appetite for information, the numbers from the Pew Research report further stress the need to address mobile users within your practice’s website design.

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