Internet Video Helps Bariatric Surgeons Broadcast Their Message Online

Weight loss surgeons are not new to the potential of Search Engine Marketing. Bariatric patients have been using online chat rooms and resources since the late 1990’s. In 2008, the internet population has increased its bandwidth and is watching Internet video as seamlessly as their television set. Just like television, the internet is not only broadcasting online video but that video is also being syndicated! The new challenge for bariatric surgeons is making their video not only educational but entertaining and news worthy. Patient testimonials and actual surgical video are ever so popular on YouTube. However, it is the news stories that not only attract the patient audience but holds their attention. Those videos are rated and syndicated through the patient’s referral and the other video search engines. One entertaining educational video could directly benefit your Search Engine Optimization strategy, your market share on Google and the kudos of your patients. Television and the internet are meshing together. It is time to look at the television when considering your next online video move.

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