Rosemont Media CEO Keith Humes Set to Speak at Multi-Specialty Foundation’s Upcoming Symposium

Rosemont Media™ CEO Keith Humes is once again stepping into the educational spotlight as he prepares to speak at the Multi-Specialty Foundation’s Facial Cosmetic Surgery 2010 Symposium, which will take place from July 14 – 18. As the only educational venue focusing on multi-disciplinary cross-talk between the best of the facial cosmetic surgery community, the symposium will feature a diverse collection of fields ranging from dermatology to plastic surgery, concerning a number of topics from practice management and business development. Humes will be discussing the often overlooked practice of marketing strategy, especially as it relates to advanced search marketing in conjunction with the integration of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as online reputation management.

Humes will be speaking on July 17th as part of a panel in a session entitled “The Business of Plastic Surgery: Marketing and Management in 2010.” During the discussion, Humes and his fellow panelists will cover topics specifically centered on the utilization of social media sites like Facebook, including how to get started, how to increase sociability, and how doing so will help maximize the overall potential of any practice’s website.

At the 2010 symposium, Humes hopes to inspire those in attendance to view their own marketing efforts in a new light, while gaining further insight into the ever-evolving world of online marketing and the need for a proactive approach to their virtual presence.

Rosemont Media Press Release

Rosemont Media Press Release

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