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Is My Practice’s Website Fulfilling Its Potential?

Maybe you are preparing to release your website into the great unknown, or maybe you already have but haven’t heard much back. Regardless of the reasons that initially inspired you to create a website for your practice, feeling overwhelmed and anxious is common if you lack a strategy to help optimize your website’s performance.

Conversion optimization is the process of converting your website visitors into leads. By developing a conversion optimization strategy, you can increase confidence in your website as a contributing factor in the overall success of your business. But before you have a conversion strategy to optimize, several steps need to be taken to develop a solid foundation to ensure you can scientifically track, alter, and implement that strategy.

  1. Establish your current level of performance: how many patients find their way into your office through your website?
  2. Quantify leads: do you have a statistical package in place that allows you to quantify the amount of leads being generated by your website?
  3. Track source and amount of leads: do you have a system in place to track the source of your leads and provide you with a concrete number for total visits and total leads coming in?
  4. Now that you’ve generated a number through various systems like email and call-tracking, how do you use these numbers to benefit your practice?

In the coming weeks, Rosemont Review will cover these topics and more while addressing the bigger question “Is My Practice’s Website Fulfilling Its Potential?” While strategies vary from specialty to specialty, and region to region, Rosemont Media™ has extensive experience in studying conversion trends and developing optimization strategies throughout the medical and dental website design process. The series as a whole will further explore and define necessary terms and concepts regarding high-quality website analysis and how Rosemont Media™ can help increase your confidence in the virtual presence and performance of your practice’s website. Tune in for the next installment which will specifically address how to assess your website’s current performance, and the process of website promotion.

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