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The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASBMS) Marketing in Review

The ASBMS in Washington DC was bustling this year with eager vendors and acutely focused physicians. Marketing for Bariatric Surgery has become a noted interest for doctors as the cash pay sector continues to increase. An untapped resource for most practices seems to be the suppliers themselves. Ethicon launched their national marketing campaign for REALIZE Band two weeks ago. The television commercials will drive patients to search online for the REALIZE Band which behooves the individual practice to be aware of the marketing tools that Ethicon is providing. Allergan just launched a new website for their physicians to create a central login where a practice can create a profile for the LAP-BAND directory, order marketing materials and much much more. Also, anyone interested in purchasing “LAP-BAND” terms on Google and Yahoo? You may have noticed that you can no longer use LAP-BAND in your ad creative. Well, I have the scoop on that one too. There is a solution….give us a call. Your website will produce when given the right tools. Remember, patients are looking for information. You will position your website as an educational resource by enticing your audience with robust unique content, animations, illustrations and videos.

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