Tracking and Analytics Webinar: Interview with Keith Humes

The first 2012 installment of Rosemont Media’s webinar series will take place next Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 1 PM PST. The presentation will be given by our CEO, Keith Humes, and will focus on the role tracking and analytics plays in the ongoing performance of our aesthetic healthcare clients and their websites.

The Rosemont Review recently asked Keith a few questions about the webinar. Those questions and his answers are below. Be sure to register by clicking on the button below.

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Ahead of the webinar think about what you hope to get from it and Google Analytics in general. If you have questions ahead of time, visit our Facebook page and post them there. We’ll do our best to get to them ahead of next Wednesday so you can come in fully-loaded.

Tracking and Analytics Webinar Interview with Keith Humes

Rosemont Review: Why are these webinars important to you?

Keith Humes: The webinars provides our clients with a hands-on, educational platform geared specifically towards them and their practices and their websites.

RR: And why are they specifically important to clients?

KH: They are a great resource because our doctors and members of their staff can use these webinars to take some control and/or ownership over the performance of their site.

RR: And to Rosemont Media?

KH: As we build a library of recorded webinars, we are providing a robust resource that focuses on some of the most important topics concerning our clients and their practices. The success of these webinars further validates our dedication to the success of our sites.

RR: Why did you want to focus on tracking for the first topic of the New Year?

KH: When we asked our customers on Facebook, a number of them wanted to know more about what was going on with their site. Google Analytics was a popular request. What better way to start the new year than looking at what is and is not working for you; assessing current performance and making calculated, strategic decisions. If we can do that, 2012 should be a pretty good year.

RR: Why is a working knowledge of Google Analytics important for our doctors and practice managers?

KH: Understanding the origin of your website traffic and overall visits is important to determine what is driving leads into your practice, and how to further capitalize on those leads. So much information is readily available in a free tool like Google Analytics, the deeper you dig into the results, the more opportunities that will surface.

RR: What will the webinar specifically cover over the hour?

KH: I will introduce our audience to the basics of Google Analytics, and some basic fundamentals that can be applied to the aesthetic healthcare practice. I’ll also offer some beginning steps to help our audience get the ball rolling, such as which stats are the most important to monitor.

RR: Any final thoughts before we sign off and prepare for the webinar next Wednesday, 1/18 at 1 PM PST?

KH: Seeing as how this topic came directly from our customers, we’re looking forward to some good questions. Here’s a few to think about. What do you want Google Analytics to do for you? What do you want out of Google Analytics, out if this webinar? Why is it important for you to know how website visitors are converted into loyal patients?

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