What Medical Practices Should Say on Their “About US” page

For many medical practices, their website is a key component of the outreach and marketing strategies relied upon to attract patients.  Frequently, practices with a strong word- of- mouth referral base use the website as a reference point for new patients to validate what has been passed along by family and friends. In other cases, a practice will attract new patients through outreach marketing strategies like radio and print and funnel those “leads” to the website.  In either scenario, the website will make the first impression which is why I cannot stress enough the importance of ensuring that it’s an accurate reflection of the practice.
But having a site that simply looks good is not enough.  The content needs to appeal to your audience too.  And not just procedural information, but also information about you and your staff.  For a person considering a cosmetic enhancement procedure, the way you present yourself can make the difference as to whether he or she contacts you over other practices in town.
With this in mind, here are 5 tips for what to say on your “About Us” page.

1.    Establish Credibility

You can do this in a number of ways – from photos of yourself, your staff and your office to logos from your society memberships, involvement in local organizations, and even mentions in the news. Letting prospective patients know something about the who, what, where, when, and why of your practice can make them feel comfortable enough to come see you.

2.    Be Approachable

If you focus too much on yourself and you do not speak to your audience, you may come across as self- absorbed and turn people off.  Patients want to know that their doctor has the proper credentials and certifications –  but they also need to know that they will be welcomed and well-taken care of.  Invite people to call your office and provide them with the name of the patient care coordinator.  Knowing who to ask for and seeing the person on the other end of the phone can make that initial call a lot less scary.

3.    Describe The Environment

What do your patients find when they step into the waiting room at your office?  Is it elegant, modern, cozy, intimate?  You go to great lengths to make your office environment look inviting.  Your about us page should have the same feel.

4.    Don’t Be Afraid to Include Personal Information

Telling about your hobbies and interests can help establish a connection with patients and may separate you from other doctors.  For example, maybe you are a sculptor or photographer in your spare time.  Including details like this lets people know about characteristics you possess that may make you a better choice for them.

5.    Consider “Findability”

Don’t forget about the search engine optimization aspect of your About Us page.  Letting people know where you are located, the procedures you offer, when you are open, and what you are near will help you be found in local searches!

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