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What’s the Big Deal About Website Duplicate Content on Google?

Duplicate Content. What’s the big deal? This is a common question from many people who are in the midst of building a website.  It seems so much easier to use the content that has been provided from a major organization. “I don’t have time to re-write it” is a common mantra.  When you are planning for your new website, there is fundamental element to keep in mind:  Build your website for your patients first and the search engines second.

Question: Why do my patients care if I use someone else’s content?
Remember that your website is often the first thing that people look to when deciding which doctor to choose.  Hence, you want to leave them with a lasting impression.  Your content should be written to represent you – and your tone should reflect that.  How will your patients be able to differentiate you from your competitors if you are all using the same content?  Use your website as an opportunity to educate your potential patients and to explain what sets you apart from the rest.

Question: Why does Google care if I use someone else’s content?
Google is the most widely used search engine because it consistently presents people with relevant information when a search query is performed.  If someone stumbles across the exact same information six times over, this will result in a poor user-experience which leads to people using other search engines.  Google requires unique custom content that is relevant to specific inquiries so that the user will have several options to choose from.  Make sure that Google recognizes your content as credible and unique.

Ultimately, you want your website visitors to hear your own distinct voice. Remember, it’s not just content, it’s conversation!

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