The Benefits of WordPress


Does having the ability to make updates to your website on your own sound appealing? Not having to rely on a webmaster for simple, straightforward text and photo additions can save you both time and money. A Content Management System website, or CMS is your answer, however not all CMS solutions are equal. Let’s talk about WordPress. It is Rosemont Media’s CMS of choice, and the platform on which all of our websites are built. There are many reasons why we believe WordPress is the best CMS for our clients’ websites. Read on to learn why you should consider using WordPress to power your site.

Open Source

WordPress is open source, meaning all the code is available for anyone to use. It is free, and there are no recurring licensing fees you have to pay in order to use. There are many open source CMS options but we choose WordPress because it is the most popular CMS in the world, with over 60 million sites using it globally.

Benefits to Clients

Having WordPress is a great benefit to our clients’ sites, and no licensing fees is a huge plus. WordPress is completely free and since you own the code, it can be easily transferred between managing companies. Since WordPress is the most popular CMS, there are millions of WordPress developers, any of whom will know how to manage your site. With a more obscure CMS, it can be difficult to find developers who know how to manage it.


WordPress uses its immense popularity for peer provided support. Since there are so many users it is easy to find the help you need.

Benefits to Clients

WordPress has a vast and reliable support network. Most WordPress developers are familiar with WordPress support and able to find solutions. Other, smaller CMS will have less support so it might take longer or be harder to find help.

User Friendly

WordPress is also known for being user friendly. There is a wide variety of training for end users, and you can take your learning as far as you want. It is also highly customizable with themes and plugins. Even though WordPress started as a blogging site, it is able to power large websites like these Fortune 500 companies, and is easily scaled to the size you need. WordPress is also loved by Google! Through a number of tools, WordPress makes it easy to be crawled by search engines like Google.

Benefits to Clients

WordPress is a great framework for our custom sites. We are able to add our designs and build our sites in WordPress without using external programs. WordPress also makes our job as your SEO team easier.

Is your CMS reliable?

If you are paying a licensing fee to use a CMS, consider switching to WordPress. Your site will benefit from its open source (free) nature, support, and SEO benefits. If you have any questions regarding WordPress, contact us, we would be happy to talk with you.

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