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The Two Goals You Should Aim For in Email Marketing

When sitting down to write your latest email campaign, are you starting with the end goal in mind? Email marketing can be a useful tool to help bring your patients back and expand your practice, if you target your whole email campaign to that goal.

There are two goals you should focus on when creating each email blast:

1. Get repeat business from existing patients
2. Gain more leads

Target Existing Patients

Existing patients are a perfect place to start with email marketing. You have their contact information and their hard-won business. Your repeat patients are a more cost effective acquisition than first time patients and are 6-12 times cheaper to market to. So take advantage of the loyalty and attention you already have and provide them with more products and services they can’t miss out on.

Repeat patients are also more lucrative: according to global management consulting firm Bain and Company, repeat customers spend an average of 67% more than first time customers.

How to Get Patients to Come Back

Expand Your Following and Gain Leads

Use email marketing to attract new patients to your practice. By using your existing patient base paired with specific call-to-actions you can grow your email list – and potential leads.

How to Reach New Leads

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