Search Engine Marketing

Don’t Be Fooled By These 5 SEO Tricks


Have you ever been approached by an Internet marketing company promising quick SEO results for your website? When it comes to search engine optimization, words like “quick,” “fast,” and “immediate” should automatically draw red flags. Why? Unfortunately, the only way to guarantee dramatic SEO improvement in a relatively short amount…

The Cost of SEO: Part III


Earlier this week we provided some insight into why smaller firms tend to charge a bit more for SEO services than their larger competitors. In today’s post – the third and final segment of our blog series – we’ll ask an essential question that ultimately determines what you pay for…

The Cost of SEO: Part II


In our last blog post, we revealed how the competitiveness of your geographical marketplace can impact the price you pay for medical or dental SEO. Below, we’ll explore how SEO expenses further correlate with the size and service offerings of various online marketing firms. To get caught up, make sure…

The Cost of SEO: Part I


What does SEO cost for a medical or dental practice seeking to gain (and maintain) a competitive edge in the online marketplace? Talk about a loaded question. So many different variables are factored into determining the cost of SEO, it’s practically impossible to name a specific price point that fits…

3 Reasons Why Google Authorship is Important: Part III


Earlier this week, we discussed how Google Authorship can enhance your search results listing and help you stand out from competition. In this third and final installment of our three-part blog series, we’re going to show you how Google Authorship can increase engagement between your practice and your online audience….

3 Reasons Why Google Authorship is Important: Part II


In our last blog post, we defined Google Authorship, and then went on to reveal how it can be beneficial for search engine optimization. In today’s post, we’re going to disclose – and demonstrate – how Google Authorship helps your practice stand out from the competition among a long list…

3 Reasons Why Google Authorship is Important: Part I


Let’s begin by first defining Google authorship. In short, Google Authorship is a way to connect all the content you’ve written – i.e. blog posts, procedural pages, online articles, etc. – directly to your Google+ profile. Despite what you may be thinking, you’re probably a bit more familiar with this…

Pandas, Penguins, and Hummingbirds…Oh My!


What do these three animals have in common? Better yet, how do they relate to your website by any stretch of the imagination? Well, it’s actually quite simple: Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird are the names given to three notable updates in Google’s search algorithm, each representing a change in the…

Wine and Design


Wine. What a magnificent gift from the land. It’s the perfect drink, you know. For some, it acts as a liberator from the trials and tribulations of the day. For others, it’s served to create an aura of sophistication and class. And still for others, it’s simply poured because, well,…

Website Design Factors to Boost SEO


How does Google choose the order of websites to list in its search results? Search engine robots crawl through websites, making note of how the sites’ ranking factors compare in its search algorithm. Google’s top-secret algorithm is rumored to have over 200 ranking factors and we are steadily breaking down…