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Google Releases a Simple Guide to Browsers and the Web

The Official Google Blog recently announced the release of a simple guide to web browsers and the internet. 20 Things I Learned about Browsers and the Web is a helpful guide for anyone interested in attaining a better understanding of the technology behind the internet and the range of programs many of us use every day. If you’ve ever wondered how a web browser works, what a cookie is, or who really invented the internet, this is the guide for you.

Once you’ve read through Google’s Guide and feel more comfortable with your grasp of the internet and how it works, visit the Rosemont Media Facebook page to tell us what you thought. Post any additional questions you may have as they pertain to your practice concerning the internet, medical and dental website design, browser compatibility, or online reputation management, to name just a few. Or, simply read through the Rosemont Review and either post your questions or contact your RM rep today. In the coming weeks, we’ll address the common topics of concern, and further explore the basics of the internet, how they relate to your website, and the overall affect they can have on your practice’s online performance.

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