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Google Unleashes Instant Interactive Search

Google recently announced the release of a search engine enhancement that shows users their results as they type. As users enter a search query, Google Instant will predict the most relevant results based on the text as it is typed, then stream the related results in real-time. Seen as a vast improvement over past attempts at interactive search feedback, Google Instant will provide dynamic results and more accurate predictions creating smarter and faster search results, according to the Official Google Blog.

Sounds great, but how will this influence the way your current and potential patients interact with your medical or dental website design? By predicting search terms and showing results before your patients finish typing, Google estimates that on average, Instant Search will save 2-5 seconds per search. Coupled with smarter predictions to help guide your patients to their intended results, precise, well-designed online marketing campaigns become even more essential to the success of your website.

In the end, with the ability to readily adjust and adapt your online strategy to increasingly interactive search results from Google Instant, you will enhance and maximize your website performance and create a more effective and meaningful online experience.

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