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How Content Marketing Will Help Your Practice

10.11contentmarketingblogAs consumers are increasingly using content to help make purchase decisions, content marketing is the key to increasing business. Content marketing is a type of marketing in various mediums that attracts rather than interrupts people, with the end goal of acquiring new and repeat business from a specific target market. As we said in another blog post, content marketing is very different than traditional advertising, read The Difference Between Content Marketing and Traditional Advertising.

Content marketing is the best way to attract a target market as people connect to the Internet on multiple devices and multiple channels. According to Google’s Zero Moment of Truth research, in 2010 the average consumer engaged with five pieces of content before making a buying decision. By 2011, that number doubled to more than 10. By continually giving your audience carefully planned, helpful information, you will be able to be at the top of their mind when choosing what practice to go to.

The Results of Content Marketing

Here are the results of content marketing that your practice should not miss out on.

More Patients and Practice Differentiation

Practices should be using content marketing to bring in and retain patients as well as to create customer loyalty and practice expertise. Not to mention, most practices are still solely relying on traditional marketing methods and missing patients looking to engage with their practice.
For more information on what methods to use in your content marketing strategy, read our article, Content Marketing Tools for Your Practice. When you are ready to start using content marketing to get ahead of your competition and attract more patients, contact us.

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