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Content Marketing Tools for Your Practice

Introduction to Content Marketing

Over the course of building your online presence you have likely become familiar with Internet marketing jargon like SEO, PPC, SMO, and the list goes on. Content Marketing is one of the latest buzzwords to surface, and the good news is, you are probably already doing it! Content marketing is extremely useful when it comes to marketing your practice over the Internet since it aims to pull potential patients towards your practice by giving them valuable content and education.

Copyblogger defines content marketing as “creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers. The type of content you share is closely related to what you sell; in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.”

Ask yourself, how are you reaching out to your potential patients? Are you using content marketing methods to do so? There are many different ways to spread your content to patients. Below we have listed what you can do to start using content marketing to reach more patients online.

Content Marketing Tools for Doctors

  • Practice Website: it is crucial to have updated, relevant content for your website. Relevant content helps with website conversion and your SEO. Read, How a Content Update Can Improve Your Site.
  • Blog: Your blog one of your biggest assets. Google is asking for more and more original content to sites, and blog posts are a great way to showcase your expertise – and boost your SEO. Read why you should be blogging for your practice.
  • Dr. Stafford Broumand's Blog

    Dr. Stafford Broumand’s Blog

  • Social Media: Use social media to build a community and act as a public relations outlet. By linking your blog posts to social media, you drive traffic back to your site and create awareness for your practice. Balance sharing content and commenting with promoting your blogs posts and original content. There are many social media sites out there so make sure not to miss where your patients are, namely, Facebook. Read, How to Make Your Facebook Posts as Attractive as Your Clients.
  • Email Marketing: Email is another method to spread your content and get visitors back to your blog and website. Email is particularly useful because unlike social media statuses that followers can miss, email is direct line of communication to your patients. Read how to make your email campaigns even more effective in 4 Types of Healthcare Email Segments.
  • Video: Adding video to your website, blog, and/or YouTube also helps your brand. Video is just another way to present content and is effective at introducing your practice to patients. It also can keep users on your site longer and help with ranking. Read, Does Video Help SEO?
    Video of Dr. Boynton's  practice

    Video of Dr. Boynton’s Practice

Give to Grow Your Practice

By being open to sharing education to patients and potential patients using the methods above, you are working in the right direction to establish online trust and a positive reputation. The added bonus is the potential to increase your Google ranking and visibility by feeding search engines with the fresh content they crave. If you have any questions about establishing your content marketing plan, contact us and our consultants will help you create one for your practice.

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