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How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Your Blog

Google Analytics (GA) is a free Google product that reads the activity of a given website. You can use Google Analytics to measure the results of your blog as they relate to your marketing goals. There are countless metrics and dimensions GA collects; metrics provide quantitative data like pageviews or time on site, and dimensions report qualitative pieces of information like country or browser. For now, let’s concentrate on metrics and dimensions that best measure blog post activity including the amount of traffic they receive, demographics about the traffic, and the conversions.


Use these metrics to see how your audience receives the content of your blog posts. Keep in mind there are multiple variables that affect traffic. Pageviews can be influenced by the timing of your emails or social media posts about your blog as well as the way they are promoted. If your pageviews are low, find optimal times to reach out to your followers. Also make sure you are selling the post in well written, engaging social media statuses and emails.

Use these dimensions to learn more about your readers and analyze the quality of traffic. Look up the location of your readers, the operating systems they are using, and what website they were on before they came to your blog. By learning more about your audience, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your blog and take steps for improvement.


Your blog posts should have a call to action for your readers. That could be filling out a form for a consultation, making an appointment, or RSVP-ing to an event. GA can track phone calls (if you are using a Google forwarding number) and form completions. To study the effects of promoting your blog, create an event to track your email contact form in GA. You can look up your sources and see if any of them are converting. Check the Channels tab, and look in the Social section or Email section to see conversions.
If you aren’t receiving conversions from the channels you are using to share your blog, be sure you are using the right language to encourage clicks on your post in email and social media. If your calls to action in are not making conversions, try placing them higher up in your blog post, writing about them in a different way, or even making your contact forms more accessible.

Review and Refine Your Strategy

The best marketers are ones who constantly review the results of their campaigns and seek to improve them. After using these metrics in GA you can start to change your blogging to reach your goals. Always be reviewing the metrics that can tell you about visitor behavior, audience demographics, and if your blog is driving conversions. For more help analyzing your blog’s progress or learning about Google Analytics, contact us.

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