Link Building Tips You Need to Know

While many surgeons and dentists in elective healthcare have heard the term “link building” when discussing an SEO strategy with their website marketing team, understanding what it means and how it’s done correctly can be a bit of a mystery. In an effort to explain the basics of modern link building and how to cultivate internal and external links that support your search engine optimization plan, we have compiled some helpful advice below.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a process focused on developing the quality and number of inbound links to a website, as well as improving the site’s internal linking strategy, with the goal of increasing ranking in the search engine results pages.

Why Does Quality Link Building Matter?

The simple answer is that without a strong grasp on the condition of your link profile and link building strategy, your website may face disastrous consequences on the search engines. Google’s Penguin update began penalizing PageRank and even blocking websites with an overabundance of low-quality, “spammy” links in 2012, and those who do not abide by “best practice” rules quickly drop out of favor in rankings.

Action Steps for a Quality Link Portfolio

If your goal is to improve the visibility of your website and achieve top ranking on Google, we suggest you review these easy-to-follow tips. These guidelines have been distilled directly from our team’s linking experience and expertise:

Analyze Your Current Links

Assessing your current link profile is the first step in managing your linking strategy. Identifying all of the internal links (those that go from page to page within your website) and external links (those going from your site to an outside source or vice versa) associated with your website will give you the opportunity to evaluate whether each link may be harming or benefiting your website.

Identify Low-Quality Links

Low-quality or spammy links are defined in several ways, and our team recommends using these questions to separate the good from the bad:

Remove or Disavow Low-Quality Links

Ridding your website of bad external linking and sub-optimal internal linking practices is the next step in improving your link profile. The links that you have the most control over are your internal links and the external links that originate within your website. We suggest:

Low-quality links originating from outside sources may prove to be a bit more tedious and challenging to remove, but it can be done. Contacting the source and requesting that they remove or modify the offending link is the best place to start. If your repeated efforts are fruitless, Google allows you to “disavow” problematic external links you’ve been unable to remove. For practices who do not have a lot of time to deal with link removal, having an experienced team dedicated to cleaning up your link profile can be extremely valuable.

Once your low-quality links have been removed, revised, and/or disavowed, you may submit your website to Google for re-evaluation.

Establish a High-Quality Link Building Strategy

A high-quality link building strategy is a multifaceted endeavor that works in harmony with your overall website marketing plan to deliver optimal results. We suggest the following tips to get you started:

As the health and scope of your link profile improves, you may notice your search engine result positioning (SERP) improving as well.

Perform Ongoing Link Management

You or your SEO team needs to be the watchdog for your link profile to ensure your linking practices are continually up-to-date—which includes everything from implementing the latest strategies to ensuring any low-quality external links are handled quickly and effectively. By closely and consistently monitoring your link portfolio, you set yourself up for greater digital marketing success.

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