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The Beginners Guide to AdWords Products

adwordsproductsGoogle AdWords is Google’s main revenue generator, and controls more types of ads than you may realize. Below we break down the different products within AdWords, all of which are options for advertising your practice. From mobile to desktop, and video to text, there are ad types for all devices and platforms.

Search Ads

Search ads are simply the text ads that appear on top of, and to the right of search results. Search ads are shown on every device, but with some the formatting changes, for example on mobile phones there are only ads at the top of the search results. Google is constantly changing search ads so there are always new variations and customizations being introduced.

Display Ads

Display ads are much more variable than search ads, whereas search ads live on Google’s search engine, display ads appear on partner websites and other Google products. Display ads are shown on the Google Display Network which includes websites, Gmail, and YouTube. Display ads can be image, text, rich media (ads with interactive elements), or video ads. Ads are served on the sites and placements on the site that allows for those ad types.

Mobile Ads

Google has made the shift to enabling its ad products on mobile phones, almost any ad you can find on desktops are also available for mobile. You can find search ads specially formatted for phones, and display ads in mobile dimensions on websites. Ads in both text and image formats can also be shown on mobile apps as well.

Remarketing Ads

Have you ever been on an ecommerce site and had image ads of the product you were looking at follow you around to other sites? That is remarketing ads in action. Essentially, remarketing ads recycle website traffic to get in front of visitors again, in the hopes of encouraging them taking action. Remarketing ads can be in text or image formats.
For doctors, this works when visitors are researching a procedure then leave the site and see a remarketing ad from the doctor, reminding them of their interest. The visitor who clicks the ad is then taken back to the site and can fill out a contact form to make an appointment.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are also part of AdWords and are in video format. Ads can play before, during, or after a YouTube video, or can appear in YouTube search results, or in the side column. Ads can be targeted to different audiences and keywords just like other AdWords ads.

How Are You Going to Advertise?

You can use any combination of these ad types depending on the marketing goals for your practice. We will explore details about these ad types in future posts this month so stay tuned to learn more about AdWords. If you have questions about which AdWords products to use to promote your practice contact us.

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