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Use These On-Page SEO Factors to Boost Rankings

Through our journey of exploring different types of SEO ranking factors, we have learned what to look for in a domain name and this post, we review on-page ranking factors. These are the different ways to (favorably) catch the attention of Google robots using your content. By paying attention to how you manipulate your website pages and your content, your site will have an improved chance of ranking well.

Where to put Keywords?

Your practice specializes in a few different procedures, all of which you want your site to appear on the search results when people search for those procedures. Your procedures and other search terms you would like to be found under in Google need to be added to your website, but in a deliberate, and ethical way.

Boost Ranking

Decrease Ranking

All About Content

The goal of Google search is to provide the most relevant information for the search query. Content
has become a main topic of SEO as search algorithms started digging deeper than meta tags to find relevant content. Here is what to look for when measuring the effectiveness of your website content.

Boost Rankings

Decrease Ranking

For more on ranking factors check out our Medical & Dental SEO page.

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