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Reposts: Resourceful Instagram Content Generation

Benefits of Reposting Content on Instagram

When asked how frequently brands should post to Instagram, a celebrated social media expert recently asserted that “the best posting frequency for Instagram is the posting frequency that you can consistently maintain for the rest of your natural life.”

Your. Natural. Life. A lifetime of content is quite a quantity to produce.

Enter the Instagram best practice that supplies marketers with an endless supply of fresh content: reposting.

What’s reposting?

Reposting is a commonly practiced social media marketing strategy that entails publishing Instagram content from someone else’s account to your own.

To abide by Instagram’s Terms of Use and copyright laws, follow these steps to ensure reposting activities check all of the platform’s requirements:

Example of how to give credit on an Instagram repost

Why repost?

Keep your feed fresh. Reposting allows medical and dental practices to diversify their content with fresh, engagement-boosting posts despite limited time and resources for content creation.

Build trust. It’s reported that Instagram users find user-generated content (UGC) to be 76% more trustworthy than brand-created content. UGC shared from patient accounts—like reviews and stories about their experience (shared with the patients’ consent)—act as social media word-of-mouth, enticing users to learn more about your practice.

Boomerang of a gift from a happy patient

Spread awareness. By reposting content from accounts in your area, you’re grabbing the attention of a new, local audience while connecting with users in your community.

Increase your following. Loyal followers of accounts you repost from are likely to follow your account due to similar interests, thereby potentially increasing your follower count.

How can I repost?

While Instagram does not offer any in-app reposting features (for now), there are a host of ways to reshare content to your feed or Stories.

Repost manually:

Download the Repost for Instagram mobile app
on Google Play and iTunes

Who’s reposting?

Take a look at some accounts that utilize this strategy to expand their reach and connect with followers on Instagram.

Dental Instagram Accounts
AACD Instagram repost of content from Invisalign
Dr. Kevin Sands credits Kim Kardashian and Life and Style Weekly in reposted Instagram content
Reposted and credited content on AAID's Instagram account

Aesthetic Instagram Accounts
ASPS repost from Refinery29
ASAPS reposted content from Allure
Credited and reposted photo on Dr. Semira Bayati's Instagram account

Reposting on Instagram can help marketers develop an impactful feed of aesthetically-pleasing, on-brand content that connects with users, encourages valuable engagement, and expands account reach.

Rosemont Media’s Instagram Services

Our marketing-driven approach to curating Instagram feeds that reflect elective healthcare practice values and culture requires creative finesse, precise planning, and selective reposting strategies.

Drop us a line or message us on Instagram to learn more about how the Rosemont Media Social Marketing Team nurtures patient relationships and manages professional Instagram accounts for elite plastic surgeons, dentists, and elective healthcare doctors.

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